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Would you prefer an attorney that can respond to your legal and business needs? We respond to our clients quickly and effectively. Effective legal services are a valuable investment in your business; an investment that pays for itself by preventing legal exposure and minimizing future legal costs.

Other business attorneys will quote you their hourly rate. However, the true value of a billable hour will vary from firm to firm. Simply put: we use our time more efficiently. We prioritize communication by strictly limiting the number of clients at one time and using cutting edge technology to run a lean business with impeccable turn-around time. As a result, our clients receive a quality work product without delay. That is why our clients hire us to get the best value for their hard-earned money. Our satisfied clients recommend us as attorneys that bring value to small-business owners like you.

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Contracts are the "rules of the road" for all business relations. Properly assigning responsibilities can save time and money by preventing future disputes. We work with business owners to draft, review and negotiate business contracts. Our attorneys prepare specialized documents for your company...
Rotkop Law | Healthcare


The attorneys at the Law Office of Gary L. Rotkop provide our healthcare industry clients with truly responsive services at a great value. When you require legal assistance as a healthcare services provider, we recommend consulting with an attorney experienced in healthcare law. Mr. Rotkop has more...
Rotkop Law | Corporate


Companies thrive thanks to hard work and vision. We provide value to company owners by providing honest legal advice that protects the company, shareholders, and their personal assets. For shareholders, establishing a written set of rules is essential. Owners of a new company must agree how to...